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Things you didn’t think about, but we did.

24/7 In-House Laborist

Babies don’t pre-book their arrivals. Most prefer to enter the world on their own special timetables. But don’t worry. For the added safety and convenience of our patients, we have an OB-GYN physician in-house 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This physician is ready for emergencies that may arise and available to assist a mother in labor who arrives before her own obstetrician can get to the hospital. OB-GYN physicians who specialize in labor and delivery, and may not have seen the mother to provide prenatal care, are called laborists.

Nebraska Weather Precautions

Design touches for easy access in inclement weather include our snow- and ice-free heated driveway, protective wind barrier and access to our underground parking garage for check-in and check-out during extreme weather conditions.

Emergency Elevator Call Buttons

You are unlikely to need the additional safety features we’ve designed into the Women’s Hospital, including the priority elevator call buttons that are standard in our Labor/Delivery rooms. The spacious rooms have been designed to accommodate the members of any code team that might need to respond in the event of an emergency. If the baby must be quickly transferred to another location for a higher level of care, staff can push this in-room button to call and hold an elevator.

Secure Facility

Methodist Women’s Hospital offers the latest in technology and security features to ensure safety for our patients, visitors and staff. The entire central core of the hospital — including the pathology, pharmacy and sterile processing departments — will be accessible only to necessary staff members with appropriate security cards.

To keep our patients safe, all floors are locked. Visitors are required to check in with our staff to access patient rooms. As added security for our new babies, we use a Safe Place infant security system with matching electronic badges for moms and newborns. Safe Place protects babies from the possibility of being taken out of locked area. If a baby is taken from a designated area, or if someone tampers with a security bracelet, alarms will sound and staff and security personnel will be notified for immediate response. A unique discharge feature requires staff to perform a badge match between mother and baby before both can leave the facility.

Same-Sided Rooms

Does room layout really matter? Yes, it does. In a hospital setting, variations can impact safety and efficiency, especially in the event of an emergency. That is why we have designed our patient rooms to be “same-sided.” This means that locations of beds, bathrooms, furniture, electrical outlets, oxygen lines and other equipment are standard in every room. This safety feature minimizes the chance for medical errors and ensures greater efficiencies for physicians and staff.

Lactation Accommodations

Our certified lactation consultants offer specialized one-on-one care, instruction and support to help new mothers breastfeed successfully. During your stay, lactation consultants will provide bedside service and assistance.
Lactation rooms are conveniently located on our Mother/Baby floors and in our neonatal intensive care unit. Additionally, all patient rooms include a refrigerator that can be used for breast milk storage.
Prior to leaving the hospital, mothers are encouraged to stop by the Methodist Breastfeeding Boutique located within the gift shop. Specially trained personnel can help moms select the nursing bra, breast pump and accessories that are right for her and her lifestyle.

After a mother is discharged, our lactation consultants are available by phone, e-mail and personal consultation.

Unique Privacy Features for Reproductive Endocrinology Patients

Privacy is essential for most health issues, especially those related to a couple’s struggle to conceive. We are committed to helping ensure that privacy and confidentiality are maximized for our reproductive endocrinology patients and families. A private entrance, accessible from the back side of Methodist Women’s Hospital, is expressly for their use. In addition, we have designated and dedicated three surgery prep/recovery rooms solely for our reproductive endocrinology patients.

24/7 Access to Anesthesiology

From the moment you arrive, we want you to have all the options you may want for the birth experience that is right for you. That is why we will provide 24/7 access to anesthesiologists who specialize in keeping moms comfortable throughout delivery.

Bedside Admission

Our helpful registration staff members are available in the lobby to assist you. Or, if you choose convenient bedside admission, staff will come to your hospital room to fill out paperwork after you’ve settled in.